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The Aging Brain

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While growing older is inevitable, many of the troubles we associate with aging—including dementia, disability, and an increased dependence on others—are not. The choices we make now can help us to maintain our vitality, a sharp mind, and our independence as we age.

Filled with simple, everyday actions we can take to avoid disease, promote vitality, and prevent dementia and late onset Alzheimer's, The Aging Brain is an easy-to-use guide to maintaining brain and body health throughout our lives.

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"Tim’s book is filled with great advice and excellent science on aging! It’s well worth following and applying these principles so as to age the way we are supposed to."Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscientist, communication pathologist, and author

"Brain-health research is exploding, and it’s important to each and every one of us. From childhood development to late-life challenges such as dementia, brain function is at the center of everything. Few life issues are as painful as watching someone you love deteriorate mentally. Dr. Jennings helps us understand the aging brain, offering timely wisdom, practical insight, guidance, and wise counsel. This book is a wonderful addition to your personal and professional library and ministry resources."Dr. Tim Clinton, president, American Association of Christian Counselors

"Your brain may age, but it does not have to get old. Dr. Jennings clearly describes how to practically manage the medical and lifestyle variables that can positively impact brain health and the process of aging. Age is a number, but getting old is a lifestyle." — Michael Lyles, psychiatrist, author, and speaker