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The God-Shaped Heart

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In The God-Shaped Heart, Dr. Jennings exposes a single idea, misunderstood and deeply rooted within Christianity, that has prevented millions of believers in God from experiencing the freedom and healing of His unfailing love.

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The key to our health and happiness is love—God's love for us and our love for others. It seems simple, but we are experts at complicating things. Instead of living lives characterized by love, we find ourselves trapped in cycles of shame, violence, and addiction that steal our joy and keep us from loving others—so much so that, by all indications, Christians are living no differently than anyone else when it comes to abuse rates, use of pornography, alcohol and drug addiction, and more. Christian psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Jennings wants to release us from this prison.

"Dr. Jennings's careful scholarship and moving stories will inspire you to live, heal, and succeed via a transformed heart, loving both God and others well. Highly recommended." John Townsend, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of Boundaries, founder of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling

"Incisive and kind, practical and generous. . . . For those who long for God's world of goodness and beauty, this is a book where that longing is waiting to be discovered." Curt Thompson, M.D., author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame

"The God-Shaped Heart is a book for anyone whose heart has been damaged by a Christianity focused on fear and punishment. . . . Tim Jennings does not simply want to change your mind, he also wants to change your heart." Derek Flood, author of Disarming Scripture