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The Journal of the Watcher

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The world is not as it appears. Much of reality has been hidden, obscured by millennia of lies and constant conflict. Time is short. This war, which began so long ago, didn’t start with us, but its going to end with us, right here, on earth and very soon.

We were duped, drawn in on false pretenses, and now our entire planet is under siege. The enemy doesn’t want you to know what we have discovered. He’ll do anything to keep you in the dark until it is too late. But don’t be scared. There’s still time!

"The Journal of The Watcher" is the key. It contains the secret back-story events of the war, recorded by one of God’s Celestial Watchers. It’s easy to understand and has powerful images documenting what the Watcher observed. If you’ve been confused don’t worry. The Journal holds the secrets to clear up the confusion. By anchoring its behind-the-scenes insights with human history as recorded in Scripture, it makes comprehension easy and will prepare your mind for the great final battle that will end the war. Get a copy soon, the war is almost over!