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The Remedy New Testament

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The Remedy NT (2nd Edition), published by Lennox Publishing, an imprint of Come And Reason Ministries, is an enhanced, modern English paraphrase of the New Testament.

Over the centuries, Christians lost sight of God's law of love and , instead, accepted an imposed law system modeled after human governments. Little by little they began seeing God's law as something a church committee could vote to change and something that did occur. But they could only vote to change God's law after they first accepted the concept that His law is imposed, not natural. This idea of an imposed law altered the view of God held by Christians and changed how Christianity functioned. Thus, Christians went from a body of believers who lived communally, shared their possessions to help each other, and died as martyrs, to an organization of Crusades, Inquisitions, burning dissenters at the stake, and active participation in genocide (Nazis in Germany and Christians in Rwanda). Sadly, by the time the Bible was eventually translated into the language of the people, the imposed law construct was deeply engrained orthodoxy. Essentially, all Bible translations have been done by people operating through the lens of imposed law. What this means is that Bible translations artificially introduce imposed law with fear-inducing ideas about God. This Bible paraphrase, on the other hand, offers an alternative. My bias is that God is the Creator, Builder, and Designer and, when He constructed His universe, He built it to operate in harmony with His own nature of love. Thus, God's law is not a set of imposed rules, but the design parameters on which He built life to exist. The Remedy is an expanded Bible paraphrase in which interpretation is filtered through the lens of God's design law of love, the template on which life is built. This paraphrase is intentional in its focus to reorient the Christian mind to God's character of love and His mission to heal and restore humankind, as taught by the early church.